Using a diverse team of economists, CPAs and lawyers, Entropy Financial Research Services provides economic analysis, including expert opinion services to institutional bodies regarding their voting decisions in general meetings, debt and equity analyses, as well as consulting services in regards to remuneration for senior staff and ratings as to the quality of issuers' corporate governance. The firm utilizes its highly professional capabilities and its accumulated experience, including in the area of risks management and corporate governance, to provide high quality, professional and independent financial analyses.

The following is a list of services provided by Entropy Financial Research Services:

Managing General Meetings and Debt Settlements Accompaniment

Entropy Financial Research Services provides expert opinion services that are used by institutional bodies in regards to their voting decisions in general meetings of shares and bonds holders of public companies. The services are provided by a team of economists, CPAs and lawyers with the ongoing support of leading legal and economic consulting firms in Israel. The activity is based on an operational platform that includes operational services, complementary legal services and a supporting information system. It should be emphasized that in all services, Entropy works vis-à-vis institutional bodies that are its main customers receiving most of the services. Therefore, it constitutes an actual independent party against the pressures placed by the companies in order to approve various resolutions at general meetings.

Debt Management Services

Entropy Financial Research Services assists institutional bodies in improving and streamlining their investing process in bonds, by using its financial analysis and research system, which is based on thorough inspection of prior bond offerings and ongoing follow-up until the maturity date, including constantly tracking the stipulations in the indentures via an automated system (reports in the Hodak format).

Reviews Database for Fund Managers

Entropy Financial Research Services manages a database of debt and equities analyses for managers of trust funds, in accordance with the Israel Securities Authority's regulations.

Financial Research and Consulting Services

Entropy Financial Research Services’ activity in the field of financial research and consultancy is wide and varied, and includes performing value assessments, providing financial expert opinions for financial statements, preparing expert opinions for court, consultancy in regards to debt settlements, financial research works and more. Entropy has substantial capabilities in performing complex financial calculations, both in terms of economic aspects and accountancy aspects. The company also has access to a vast database derived from its activities related to debt and equity analyses, general meetings, and meetings of bonds' holders.

Corporate Governance

Within the context of its research and companies' analysis activities, Entropy Financial Research Services specializes in inspecting and evaluating the quality of the corporate governance in Israeli public companies, as part of the evaluation process of investments by potential investors. The purpose of inspecting corporate governance in public companies is to review the criteria and the quality of the corporation's management, and to enable the investor to weigh these parameters in the risk calculations of the investment, based on the understanding that high-quality corporate governance is expected to improve the companies' performance in the long run.

Due Diligence of Companies

Entropy Financial Research Services integrates its capabilities in the field of companies' analysis and review of operational and business processes for the purpose of inspecting and performing a due diligence prior to investing or purchasing non-public companies and/or companies substantially connected to public companies. In this context, Entropy collaborates with senior consultants possessing extensive financial and legal experience, and in-depth familiarity with public and institutional bodies.