• Gal Staal, Chairman

    Gal Staal, one of the three founders of the company, serves as chairman of Entropy Economic Research Services Ltd. Since December 2010.
    In addition, Gal is the Chairman of Entropy Consultants Ltd., a company that specializes in providing consulting services in the areas of risk management, regulation and corporate governance. Gal holds a (BB) degree with specialization in accounting from the College of Management. Gal has more than 20 years of experience in managing companies that specialize in providing regulatory, financial and strategic consultations to senior management and boards of directors of public, financial, capital market, and international companies.

  • Tamir Porat, CEO

    Tamir Porat holds a BA and an MBA in Economics and Business Administration from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, with honors and is studying law. From 2002 until 2012, Tamir served as CEO of Investment Management, Chairman of the Fund Company and as VP Investments, Research and Development in Clal Finance Group, and served as a director and investment committee member of Mabat. For the past two decades has managed investments totaling tens of billions of shekels in Israel and around the world, as well as a business mentor and lecturer on economic and investment issues.

  • Noa Zvi, Vice President of research

    Noa Zvi has a BA in Economics from Tel Aviv University and 20 year experience in the field of economic consulting; she served as a senior economist in the Micro-Economic Division of Economic Models, specializing in valuations, business plans, feasibility studies and economic appraisals for leading companies and entities in the economy. Noa is in charge of the research and analysis in the organization, specializing in debt analysis.

  • Sagit Sabag, vice president of general shareholders meetings

    Sagit Sabag is the manager of the Research Department since 2015. Sagit is a Certified Public Accountant and holds a BA in Economics and Accounting with honors from Ben Gurion University. Sagit is an expert in financial management, auditing public and private companies, and financial statements analysis. For several years she was part of the teaching staff of the Financial Accounting course at Ben Gurion University. She served as the financial manager of the Entropy Group And before that was an  auditor in Ernst & Young.