Entropy voting  policy

Listed is Entropy's Voting Policy describing the main voting principles and practices including:

  • Appointing the Board of Directors and its Composition
  • The Competence of Directors and their Independence
  • Reliefs and a Special Reference to Types of Corporations
  • Compensations for Senior Personnel
  • Management Agreements
  • Mergers, Acquisitions and Transfer of Activities
  • Transactions of Stakeholders
  • Capital Structure
  • Dividend Payouts
  • Poison Pill
  • Settling and Liquidation Procedures due to failed Bonds
  • Warrants
  • Insurance, Indemnification and Exemption of Office Holders
  • Appointing an a Auditing CPA
  • Retroactive Approval of Transactions
  • Changes in the Articles of a Company and in the Reporting Format
  • Administrative Issues