General Meetings Proxy Services

Entropy Financial Research Services provides professional opinions and voting recommendations in general meetings of public companies (Proxy Services). Its customers are institutional bodies that own minority shares in public companies. The firm has extensive professional capabilities and vast accumulated experience, including in the corporate governance sector.

In the opinion statements it provides to its customers, Entropy supplies high quality, professional and independent financial analyses, prepared by a large professional team comprised of analysts and researchers with different specialties (lawyers, CPAs, economists, regulatory experts) who have many years of experience in the capital markets and in performing economic analyses.

Entropy's professional analyses are based on a policy and set of guidelines for the provision of expert opinions in general meetings, which have been formulated in collaboration with Prof. Yishay Yafeh and Prof. Ehud Kamar. The voting policy has been designed by a wide forum of professional entities – both internal and external – including representatives from institutional bodies, a representative from the Israeli Association of Publicly Traded Companies and professional experts. The policy is presented and approved at the Investments Committee and at the Boards of the institutional bodies, which are customers of the firm. In April 2016, Entropy's Voting Policy was updated and distributed to all the firm's customers and to public companies, as was the Voting Policy Update 2017 Appendix.

An early reference to public companies: Entropy Financial Research Services, which provides consulting services to institutional bodies, is always positioned to cope effectively with the many challenges facing all the parties involved in this activity, including the new and upcoming regulations. According to the last set of legislative amendments, including amendments 16 and 20 to the Companies Law, Entropy is required to provide solutions to public companies on issues related to general meetings (following the publication of an immediate report regarding the upcoming meeting), in order to make sure that the subjects coming up for the approval of the general meeting, comply with the guidelines in Entropy's voting policy, which have been adopted together with its institutional customers, the representatives of the minority shareholders.

Entropy's Voting Policy

Appendix – Voting Policy Update 2017

Voting Policy – Introduction and Appendices